The Faroese Saga in Song and Narrative

Annika Hoydal has chosen some figures from the Faroese Saga. Violent and bloody stories from the Viking Age about power and intrigues in the years around the introduction of Christianity. Christianity against Paganism, independence against the dependence on the mother country, Norway. She spices the narrative with songs from the old ballads.

Faroese Songs and Narrative

Annika Hoydal, who was born and grew up in the Faroe Islands has made up a programme in which she takes us around the Faroese universe. Experience an evening with a special North Atlantic tone in company with Annika Hoydal.

Dear William Heinesen

From childhood Annika Hoydal knew William Heinesen, the famous Faroese writer. She narrates, reads and sings a medley of her own recollections, the words of the writer and songs that he was fond of. Spend a couple of lovely hours with Heinesen and Hoydal.

Annika Hoydal and Band

  • Jógvan Dahl (guitar etc.)
  • Eyðun Mohr Hansen (guitar, voc)
  • Kaj Johannesen (bass, voc)
  • Annika Hoydal (vocal)

The band has played since 2003 in the Faroe Islands and in Denmark. They play a wide range of Faroese music and Annika Hoydal’s own songs. Two of the members of the band (Annika and Jógvan ) were also members of the well-known band ‘Harkaliðið’, which consisted of a group of young students in the late 60s. Harkaliðið was active for more than 20 years. They participated in the Danish Melody Grand Prix in 1979, where they represented the Faroese Islands with the Faroese song ‘Aldan’ (The Wave).